How we work

Chris, the mentoring coordinator, works closely with secondary schools in the city.

He meets regularly with the appointed staff member to liaise with them about any young person that they identify as going through difficult circumstances and who might benefit from mentoring sessions. Together they arrange for a CROPS mentor to offer support in school.

We use the ‘Warwick and Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing scale’ to evaluate our mentoring sessions.

Of the students who have returned feedback forms:

80% show an increase in
their wellbeing score
85% feel they are now able to think about
life more clearly because of their mentoring

The mentor then meets up with the student once a week in school and supports them to work through the issues they are facing.

Mentoring sessions are typically between 30-45 minutes and the number of mentoring sessions provided is flexible and is determined by the needs of the individual student however they typically last between 6-12 weeks.

Our mentors work closely with the school’s student support departments providing feedback and progress reports. We work together with the school and follow school procedures for safeguarding and disclosures.

Mentoring session