Our Story So Far

Need identified. Pilot study started in two Peterborough secondary schools


Fund raising began. One of our trustees even swam the Channel!


Mentoring coordinator employed. First volunteers recruited and trained

  • 27 mentors recruited and trained
  • 21 of those mentoring in schools on a weekly basis
  • Over 1000 different mentoring sessions delivered
  • Over 100 students supported
  • Currently mentoring in 13 of Peterborough’s secondary schools

We are fortunate to have received financial support from a number of individuals and organisations including one of our Trustees, Jon Ratcliffe. Jon has long recognised the huge importance of supporting local young people when they are at their most vulnerable. He was so passionate about getting the mentoring project off the ground that he set himself the challenge of swimming the English Channel. In doing so he hoped not only to raise the necessary funds to get the project going, but also to raise awareness for the CROPS Mentoring scheme in Peterborough schools.

Thank you, you have really helped me. None if this would have happened without you — A Student